This s my first blog post since a long time. I was short of words, ie. so much to say, therefore I am writing in the format of Ali Edwards and Elise Blaha. Currently:
  • I live in New Jersey, specifically Central Jersey and I love it.
  • Planning the weekends around the Short Course Winter Season swim meets from my two sons. Grateful, they are doing super well!
  • Waiting for December when I can see my parents and sister.
  • Waiting for the letter of acceptance as a Substitute Teacher.
  • Evaluating returning to school to obtain a certificate as a Chemistry Teacher. 
  • Making lists of items I wish for our next trip to IKEA.
  • Wishing to lose some weight, therefore I am planning to take some fitness classes in addition to the treadmill.
  • Unsure about which winter coat to buy, so many styles.

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