Weekly Goals | Week 12

Goals (Week 10)

My Goals for the Week: March 4 to March 10. 
I did not set goals for Week 11 on purpose. 
  1. Read Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair. (Chapters 11 to 16).  I finish reading this book, now to read The Last Battle.
  2. Read Designed for Devotion up to March 10. I read up to Feb 26.
  3. Read Achieve Anything in One Year from Day 57 to Day 69. I read up to Day 63.
  4. Read 52 Mondays: Day 9, Day 10. 
  5. Jog at least 9 miles.  I did 11.52 miles. One of the activities was 5.12 miles on 65 minutes. I still walk some minutes at my long runs.
  6. Create Project Life (Week 7).  You can see Week 7 here.
  7. Find alternatives to improve lighting in the kitchen. Done, we got to Home Depot and bought one halogen track light fixture.
  8. Date Night. We had dinner at home without the kids.

Goals (Week 12)

My goals for the Week: March 18 to March 24. This week I need to get one of my kids to four swim practices, my youngest kid must get to two basketball clinics and two basketball practices for the "Federación" tournament, one Field Day, one religion class, five days of school, one dental appointment for myself, one pediatrician appointment, laundry, dinner, dry-cleaners, check the IVULoto, file paperwork..., pay the bills. So, I am just setting six goals this week.

  1. Read Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle.
  2. Read Designed for Devotion up to March 24.
  3. Read 52 Mondays: up to Day 12.
  4. Jog at least 9 miles.
  5. Create Project Life (Week 8).
  6. List at least ten (10) items on Ebay. (Project: Decluttering House)

Do you set goals for the week? 

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