Goals for 2013 | January's Review

Here is my list of goals for 2013 and a review on how I did in January:

  1. Read one book each month (minimum). Done: I read two fiction books (Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader). Other readings through the year: Bible (using the Designed for Devotion study plan); Achieve Anything in Just One Year; 52 Mondays by Vic Johnson.
  2. Walk / Jog / Run at least 3 days / week and track the activities with RunKeeper application. Done: On January I jog 39.5 miles; average pace 12:55 min/mile; 13 activities; 4305 calories burned; time spent: 8:31:18.
  3. Run more than 30 miles every month. Done: I completed 39.5 miles.
  4. Do Jillian Michaels videos at least twice/week. No: I did 30 Days Shred just three times during the month (Jan 2, Jan 4 and Jan 11).
  5. Participate in at least six (6) runs per year (5K and 10K). No yet.
  6. Run two (2) 10K. I registered for my first 10K in February.
  1. Take Luis to Swim Team. Done: Luis started in the Swim Team on January 9.
  2. Take Diego to Basketball Team. Diego is participating in the ACB Tournament.
  3. Have one get/away weekend with my husband (just the two of us). No yet.
  4. Have one date night/month. Yes, we had one date night. We went to Restaurant Latitudes.
  5. Plan summer vacations. No yet.
  6. Plan one camping trip. No yet.
  1. Create and keep a budget. In process
  2. Save every week. In process
  3. Evaluate and decide on additional income streams. (Evaluation conducted and we decided to not proceed.)
  1. Create Home Improvement Plan for the house. Done (In progress; we changed the mixer from the kitchen).
  2. Execute the Home Improvement plan. (in progress).

  1. Go to church every Sunday. (Incomplete, we went the first two weeks. Need Plan B since many basketball games occurs during Sunday's morning.)
  2. Read the Bible, devotionals, faith books everyday. (Reading almost everyday).
  3. Complete Catechism course. (My kids go to Catechism courses.)

  1. Photography: Dedicate 30 minutes weekly to read, practice, view videos, everything photography. (Not done).
  2. Digital: Dedicate 30 minutes weekly to read, practice, view videos, everything digital scrapbooking and/or photoshop. (Not done).
  3. Dedicate 30 minutes weekly to finish past online classes. (Not done).
  4. Create at least 60 traditional scrapbook layouts. ( On January I created two traditional layouts for 3 Scrappy Boys: 1) Penn Museum 2) Today, Tomorrow & Forever.
  5. Keep family memories (Project Life 2013). (I did Week 1; Week 2; Week 3).
  6. Write at least one blog post per week. (I wrote ten (10) blog posts in January).
  7. Leave comments in blogs that I read and from people that visit me. (I left comments in blogs from people that visit me most of the time).
I am linking this update to January's Update from Money Saving Mom.

Have you set your goals for 2013? How are they going?


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