Weekly Goals | Week 5

I like very much how Crystal from Money Saving Mom post every week her weekly goals. I decided to  do the same here. I wrote this list on my journal on Monday but I was not able to write and publish this post until now. 

  1. Finish Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader. 
  2. Jog three times.
  3. Write post and publish Project Life (Week 3)
  4. Create spread, write post and publish Project Life (Week 4)
  5. Request second payment for the current Basketball Tournament (I am the parents representative and coordinator).
  6. Create one traditional layout for 3 Scrappy Boys and write post.
  7. Run 5K with family. (This is one of the three jogs).
  8. Do a pedicure and eyebrows.
  9. Research feasibility of project.
  10. List ten items to Ebay.
Here is to living with intention and writing my goals to the world for accountability. My goal is to write an update every Tuesday. Let's see.

Do you set weekly goals?


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