My Goals for 2013

I have goals for 2013 and I hope that posting here will keep me accountable. Last year, I had the same intentions but I felt overwhelmed with life circumstances. I am determined this year will be better, especially that I chose two One Little Words (OLW). Both words are related: "Manage" and "Discipline". My word for 2012 was "Plan" and I planned and planned...I felt like a sail boat, like an spectator enjoying the life game but wishing and dreaming to participate in the personal stage. Last year, I read several Time Management, Goal-Setting, Self Improvement books (more on that later).

However, I should feel not so bad, since I spent my energies in my family and the kids. They did really great on 2012. The kids excelled in the school and sports. However, I visualize this year more balanced with the help of discipline and I will manage my circumstances. I want to meet my personal goals while supporting my husband, kids and the family.

My goals for 2013 are:

  1. Read one book each month (minimum). The books I want to read in 2013 will be listed in another blog post.
  2. Walk / Jog / Run at least 3 days / week and track the activities with RunKeeper application.
  3. Run more than 30 miles every month.
  4. Do Jillian Michaels videos at least twice/week.
  5. Participate in at least six (6) runs per year (5K and 10K). 
  6. Run two (2) 10K.
  1. Take Luis to Swim Team.
  2. Take Diego to Basketball Team.
  3. Have one get/away weekend with my husband (just the two of us).
  4. Have one date night/month.
  5. Plan summer vacations.
  6. Plan one camping trip.
  1. Create and keep a budget.
  2. Save every week.
  3. Evaluate and decide on additional income streams.
  1. Create Home Improvement Plan for the house.
  2. Execute the Home Improvement plan.

  1. Go to church every Sunday.
  2. Read the Bible, devotionals, faith books everyday.
  3. Complete Catechism course.

  1. Photography: Dedicate 30 minutes weekly to read, practice, view videos, everything photography.
  2. Digital: Dedicate 30 minutes weekly to read, practice, view videos, everything digital scrapbooking and/or photoshop.
  3. Dedicate 30 minutes weekly to finish past online classes.
  4. Create at least 60 traditional scrapbook layouts.
  5. Keep family memories (Project Life 2013).
  6. Write at least one blog post per week.
  7. Leave comments in blogs that I read and from people that visit me.
    That is! I think this will keep me pretty busy! Right now, I am using the Crystal Wilkerson planner. However, I am still figuring how to use it that will work best for me.

    Looking forward for a great 2013! Did you write your goals! Please, share!

    Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!

    See you soon!


    Sonia said...

    Feliz Año 2013, muchas bendiciones, mucha salud y mucho amor, alegria, paz.
    Deseando puedas cumplir todas tus metas. Suerte!!~

    Jenny M said...

    Best of luck with your 2013 goals!


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