2012 Recap (May to December)

Hi! It's been a while since my last post and it is time to get back to the blogging world. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. So many things has happened in my life very good and very bad. Today I am sharing a mini summary of what I had been up to in 2012.

Diego graduated from Kindergarten and we could not be more proud of him. It's been amazing watching him mature and learn during the last school year. He learned to read english and spanish.
The ceremony was conducted at Centro de Convenciones; San Juan.

It was a beautiful ceremony based in the Rainbow Fish story book and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Diego's outfit was made by my very good friend Olga Jaca. He was just so handsome.
The graduation ceremony was just the date before, my sister had her surgery to remove a sarcoma tumor at her left maxillary sinus at MD Anderson. The 12 hour surgery was successful. I went to Houston for the weekend to take care of her.

My DH was assigned a temporary project in Pennsylvania within his same company. So, we stayed in Pennsylvania during the Summer.  It was a great experience for the kids and me, since while my husband was working, we were able to explore the area nearby with the help of the GPS.

We had the chance to see a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game, Lancaster, New Jersey Aquarium, Philadelphia Zoo and Valley Forge State park among other attractions.

We shared with my DH's family in New Jersey during Father's day. Meanwhile, my sister was in Houston with my mother. Even, the surgery was successful, my sister do not recovered as expected.

During July, the doctors found that my sisters's cancer migrated to the lungs. They advised to my mother and uncle to not fight the disease any more, since there was not chance of survival. All the family was devastated, since we really had hope. Lots of people from many religious denominations, from many parts of the world were praying for her.

My parents transferred her to Puerto Rico as soon it was possible with the help of oxygen supplement the last week of July.

We returned to Puerto Rico from Pennsylvania the first week of August. Soon after, my sister dies on August 5. It was a very difficult experience and everyone in the family was emotionally overwhelmed. The family and friends support was immense and I am very grateful for it.

The next week classes started and it felt good to return to the routine. In addition, to going to school, we did a family 5K. It was an awesome experience which I strongly recommend to anyone.
I jog the first kilometer holding my kids hands. There was so much people that I had fear to lose my kids. Everyone made compliments or smile at us. We completed the 5K in less than 43 minutes.
During the last week of August, Luis have a gastrointestinal virus. He stays in the hospital for five days since it was a "dengue-like" virus. I just could not believe that I would stay in a hospital so soon. Thankfully, it was nothing to worry about, just a virus.

Luis returned to school the second week of September and to the pre-Swim Team. Diego started playing basketball. My kids started Catechism classes which I am so happy for it, so good for the soul.
I started jogging according to the Run Your Butt Off book and motivated by the past 5K experience. This book's objective is to help you run for at least 30 minutes. I did the program 2-3 times per week using the RunKeeper application to track the mileage and stats.
And when I thought that everything returned to normal my grandmother died the last week of September.

This month was full of plenty school activities, school oral presentations and reports. During the weekend we went to basketball games. Luis did swimming three times per week at the Swim Team (pre-team). My kids celebrated Halloween with Steve from Minecraft and Red Ninja.
I did the Minecraft costume with a box, several shades of brown cardstock and a 2" square punch.
It felt good to just enter in my scraproom.

This was a very refreshing month since there was no extraordinary events. Diego's basketball team wins the PRIBO tournament.

The next day, we went to a wedding in Orlando, Florida.

One of my cousins got married in a beautiful ceremony. Diego dressed his graduation outfit again. I requested to Olga an outfit for Luis. I loved the olive tone she used for his outfit.

Also, we went  camping at "Monte del Estado" in Maricao.
It was my first camping experience and it was not so bad at all. I have to admit that I enjoyed it very much. I strongly recommend this place for camping.

Then, we celebrated Thanksgiving at home, just the four of us. We hosted a Pizza party and invited very good friends. I got to see my best girl friends from high school. It felt good to talk about good memories with them.

I was able to run more than 30 minutes without walking. My running stats for November are: 27.1 miles; 13:18 min/mile (avg pace); 9 activities; total time spent: 5:59:58. My personal record is 11:19 min/mile on November 28.

We put the Christmas tree the first week of December. We made Christmas cookies (the appearance was not so good but the kids ate them). My DH plays basketball at the "Masters" league.

My DH and me had a nice date night where we went to a nice restaurant "DiVino" at Isla Verde. We went to a very elegant Christmas party at the Caribe Hilton hotel where we got to see very nice and good friends. We went to my DH's company end-of the-year party.

Luis dressed as shepherd at our church. Diego performed in the Christmas program from the school. And finally, both of my kids learned to ride a bicycle, in just one hour. Awesome!

I am pretty sure that I forgot many other events and details. So many things can happen in eight months.   My objective with this post was to summarize the 2012 and to give you an update of what happened in my neck of the woods. Sorry for not keeping updates at the blog. I just not felt doing it, since this blog is an happy place after all. I just wanted to retreat.

And now I can say...
Looking forward for the good things the 2013 will bring and make the best of it.

Happy New Year!


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MARILYN said...

Espero que este Nuevo Año venga lleno de mucha dicha y bendiciones para ti y tu linda familia pero sobre todo que venga con mucha salud que es lo primordial. Me alegra escuchar de ti nuevamente y que bueno que estas corriendo... Feliz Año Nuevo!!!
Un abrazo!!!


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