Getting by!

Hi, everyone!

I apologize for not posting as much on the blog since the beginning of the year but I will say that it was unfortunately necessary. Sometimes events occur which can change our plans and our routines.

I was working full-time until the end of april. I had a 1hr daily commute at heavy traffic.
In addition my kids had (still have) basketball clinics twice per week. But this is not the real reason for stopping blogging or creating. 

The real reason was that around the end of january, it was found out that my sister had an unclassified  left maxillary sinus tumor.

Honestly, this fact messed up our family routine and I got a bit overwhelmed with everything and haven't had the energy to spend much time on the computer and/or the scrapbooking room.

I think it is fair to let you know that my sister has intelectual disabilities. She is a 6 year old kid in a 30+ woman body. She does not have other family other than us.

This started on december when she had complaints of teeth pain therefore my parents who take care of her got her to the dentist. From there, she went to a local Emergency Room. From there, they went  to the temible "Centro Medico". This hospital, is operated by the Medical Services Administration of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico. It is locally recognized as the hospital with the most specialized equipment in the Caribbean. All the critical cases that other hospitals cannot handle are delivered to "Centro Medico". "Centro Medico" is the trauma center too.

Photo taken on January. She has a small bump on her left cheek.

Why it is temible? We spent "wasted" almost two months in "Centro Medico". Since it belongs to the government, waiting periods are long, long, long... They gave us appointment after appointment and they did not provided us a treatment plan. From "Centro Medico, they sent us to a private oncologist. Then, the frustration of getting aware that the nearest appointment with a local oncologist was 4 weeks. Meanwhile, the tumor was growing and my sister was more weak only taking liquids. At this stage, I do not dare to post photos of her online (not even february or march from this year). You can see a layout of my sisters and me here.

Finding out that Puerto Rico does not have the resources for treatment of this type of cancer, we went directly to MD Anderson Emergency Room at Houston. This was at the beginning of March.

We chose this hospital not only for its ranking as no. 1 in cancer treatment, but that we have extended family living over there at less than 1 hr distance from the Texas Medical Center.

I took this photo from the Hospital Room

We saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She was accepted immediately for evaluation and treatment. They recognized it was an aggressive and very rare tumor and that it must be treated urgently. She have already two rounds of chemotherapy. She lost already her hair.  And next week she will have the surgery. She is being care by my mom (full-time). My Dad stayed with my sister some days, so my mom could take a break. It has not been easy, especially for them.

Please, keep her on your prayers. Cancer sucks!!!! 

I do not have to tell you that my MOJO is gone. Even, I cannot stay with her as I want. She occupies my mind.

When I started this blog, it was for participating in scrapbook challenges and design teams with sporadic personal posts. Not sure, if I will be active in the online scrapbooking world as I was before. For sure, I will not be on five design teams at the same time as I was last year. 

Lately, I am feeling inspired in mom and happiness blogs.  

I'm trying to work out how and why and what I want to use this blog for - I will like to use my blog as a personal tool for helping me complete my projects and goals other than scrapbooking. I'm just going to go with the flow until I figure that out. 

So right now I am concentrating on getting by  and spending as much time with my family. My kid is graduating from Kindergarten. The graduation preparations are keeping me busy. 

Luckily it is the summer season and we do not have the school's constraint. My DH is doing a lot of work traveling, so I see this as an opportunity to travel with him too. I do not have anything scheduled. I will just go day by day.

I am going to take it easy, PRAY, support my family as I am able. Looking forward to see my sister free from cancer.

And, hopefully I will be up and running full force in the Fall!


MARILYN said...

Hola Yara!!
Ay amiguita siempre te tengo en mis pensamientos y me preguntaba como seguia tu hermana, GAD que le estan dando tratamiento alla, pero me imagino lo dificil que esto debe ser para toda la familia. Se sobre entiende que no tengas deseos para hacer paginas, yo tampoco podria.
Cuenta con mis oraciones y mucha fe.
Cuidate mucho y un fuerte abrazo!!

Samantha Hauzer said...

Oh gosh Yara, that is such sad news about your sister. I'm so glad she is getting the right treatment now, and that she has such a loving family to support her. I hope she feels better soon. Thinking of you and your family xx

Sonia said...

Yara cuenta con las oraciones y deseo de todo corazon que todo mejore. Mucha Fe y dejad todo en manos de Papito Dios.
Saludos y un fuerte abrazo a la distancia.

Karen said...

Yara - my prayers are with you and your family. It sounds like your sister is finally getting some great care, I hope she continues to do well.

Lynnda said...

Yara... My thoughts and prayers are with you... I hope she will continue to do well... Take care my dearest... hugs..xoxo

Sonia said...

Yara pase por aqui para saber como va todo... Mis oraciones y que Dios le de fortaleza a toda la familia.
Un abrazo apretao desde PR


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