50 Things I will like to try... Check-in

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On January 4, 2010 I wrote a list of 50 things I would like to try on 2010 or in the near future. Some were things I planned to do anyway and others were dreams or wishes. This should have been done one year ago. Now, I am completing this, better now or never. (Check in done in January 29, 2012). I love to work outside home, but one of my regrets it is the limited time, I have for myself. Sometimes, I feel that I want to live on a slower pace, but at the same time I need to keep up the pace for my family. This sunday evening, I took a time for myself. This is the rationale for writing this post.

I want to add that, this is mostly for me, to have in my records. If you are not interested in reading it, it is OK. If you are curious, then go ahead.

Here they are:
  1. Family trip to Walt Disney World. (done Summer, 2010)
  2. Read War and Peace from Leo Tolstoy - done (2010)
  3. Visit Austria - not in the plans
  4. Visit Museum of Puerto Rico - done (there are several layouts about this day).
  5. Complete Ali Ewards Yesterday & Today Class - (not started)
  6. Complete Lisa Day The Challenge of Me Album - (not started)
  7. Get a COPIC certification - (not started, not in the plans and not sure if I am interested)
  8. Complete New York Marathon - (it is still a strong dream)
  9. Lose 25 pounds and maintain the weight - (I really want to lose at least 10 lbs. Honestly, I feel comfortable with my weight right now, even I will love to be more lean).
  10. Write at least one new post weekly to this blog - (need to take the time for this, now that I am working full time, it is getting more difficult just to blog, I need to wait just 2 or 3 months when I will return as a SAHM)
  11. Start a small business - (not sure, if I am interested.)
  12. Get a Master of Business Administration degree (not interested since I am not interested to create a business, however I want a MS in Statistics. I really want to continue doing projects on an occasional basis at pharmaceutical companies, as I am doing right now.)
  13. Learn to sew - ( I want to learn, but not this year.)
  14. Visit Saint Petersburg (not now.)
  15. Enjoy a weekend trip to New York with my DH and best friends.  (This will be a great 40years birthday...)
  16. Learn ADOBE photoshop - (I am planning to do this after june this year).
  17. Learn photography - (same, in the plans)
  18. Do a professional photography session at the beach of my family (I forgot about this, maybe in the summer).
  19. Get an abdominoplasty (still interested)
  20. Take writing courses (not interested)
  21. Renew my wardrobe (now that I am working, I am budgeting for this)
  22. Complete Nic Howard Point of View class (not started)
  23. Write a love letter to my husband (yey!!!!, now I know what I will do for Saint Valentine's day)
  24. Enjoy a weekend by myself - (someday)
  25. Enjoy a weekend with my husband (no kids) - NYC trip????
  26. Do a digital Layout - (this should be not later than 2013)
  27. Organize the garage - (I did this, but it always pick up what we do not know where to keep)
  28. Organize each children room - (done)
  29. Decorate the master room - (in the plans)
  30. Finish decoration of kids room - (no yet, it should wait)
  31. Frame artwork and hang in the walls - (I really do not remember why I wrote this)
  32. Visit Greece ( not now, I am not interested to go there with the actual situation in Europe)
  33. Visit France countryside _ (someday)
  34. Organize my closet - (need to repair the shelves, first)
  35. Read Lord of the Rings ( I forgot about this)
  36. Read all the books listed in Amazon wish list (someday)
  37. Go to the Olympics - (2012 and 2016 will not be that year)
  38. See my children get married - (this one of the best things I hope in my future)
  39. See my grandchildren - (I cannot wait to meet them)
  40. Take a cooking class - (I need this urgently)
  41. Learn how to use Twitter - (no yet)
  42. Complete Couch to 5K - (2012 is the year)
  43. Read all posts from Goggle Reader - (what??????)
  44. Take a history class - (in my 50's)
  45. Visit the countryside of Spain - (in my 50's)
  46. See the Nutcracker ballet at New York - (hope this is a reality in 5 years or less)
  47. See the Radio City Christmas Spectacular - (the same)
  48. Complete LO from Got Sketch downloads - ( I do not remember where are they?)
  49. Visit Italy - (no yet, right now with the actual situation, not interested.)
  50. Take a cooking class in Italy - (someday)
This was a great exercise, especially that after two years many of my interests changed.I am pretty sure than more than 50% of the list changes already. Definitely, this is something I want to do again.
But this is for another post.

Have a great week.


MARILYN said...

Hola amiguita!!! Me alegra saber que estas bien..se te extran~a!!! espero que logres la mayoria de lo que deseas...la lista es larga, lol!!! Un abrazo!!! :)

Lea said...

Great list, many of the same things would be on my list... if I made one! :) Theresa and I have started couch potato to 5k though, we're in week 4 and feeling great!


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