Summer Vacations: Day 2

Hi! Here is day 2. It was monday, therefore the students went to their conference during the day, while we went to the Madrid Zoo.

My kids at the entrance of Madrid Zoo. 

 Some views from the Zoo.

 The first thing we did was to see the Dolphins show.

The Hamsters Balls! Can you guess in which one my son is having a blast! 

 It was my first time seeing Panda Bears!

They had not seen Madagascar movie, therefore they were very difficult to photograph! They were playing all the time! 

 The story about these two baby Panda's.

 After the seeing the Panda's my kids went for a pony ride.

 Can you guess how Diego is on the top? I am lucky that he weighs less than 40 pounds! LOL!


We saw gorillas, lions, giraffes, etc! 

I loved this zoo, since it was practically empty, no lines, lots of water and food points and great scenery. It was a very peaceful, relaxing day.

When we returned to the hotel around 6pm, we bought something to dine for the kids. My kids stayed with my mom at the hotel. 

Then, my DH came from the conferences and we went to "Jardines del Retiro"

 This is such a gorgeous place, it is a park of 118 acres located in the middle of Madrid. The gardens originated around 1630 and they were property from the royalty. Beautiful place!

Finally, we stopped at Plaza Mayor, for dinner with the group. It was more than 9pm. Everyone was tired! I think you can see from the faces! It was a long day and everyone still had the jet lag!

Tomorrow is another day!

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Rita Barakat said...

looks like everyone is having fun!!!


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