Summer Vacations: Day 1

Hi, there! I know I have not blogged so frequently this month. 
Here is what is happening in my neck of the woods. 

On August:
  • Luis started Second Grade last week.
  • Diego started Kindergarten last week.
  • My DH graduated with an MBA degree. Last sunday was the graduation ceremony. Yey!!!
  • I started working outside home after three years of being a full time SAHM. I am working for a consultant company doing projects for several pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. This means looking for after school programs and so. So you can imagine, I had been busy. This is a significant change in the family and life routines. But, life is good! I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunities presented!
  • Last but not least, my grandfather passed away. It was kind of expected, but it is still difficult to accept.
So now that you know what I had been doing, so sorry for the delay in sharing my photos from our family vacation. Looking forward to share at least 10 photos from each day, daily. 

During summer, we went to Madrid, Spain as part of the "International Business" class at UNO university. 

Here is day 1:

We arrived to Madrid at 6 am in the morning. ,We rested at the arrival to the hotel, we did a bus tour, then we had a sponsored university dinner at restaurant "Los Galayos" located at Plaza Mayor.

The delicious paella we ate a "Los Galayos" that evening. 

Madrid "business district" 

 Near "Plaza de Toros".

The "bull fight" colosseum from Madrid is the most important from Spain.

Street at Madrid.  

The group from Puerto Rico. 

 Some turtles at the tropical forest at old Atocha station.

This is old Atocha station!

See you soon with day 2.
Happy Sunday!


Theresa said...

Hi Yara. Summer has been busy for me too. sounds like you had lots of fun things happening. congrats to your hubby and to you getting back into work, and so sorry to hear about your grandfather.
Love the photos... can't wait to see more.

Lea said...

Wow Yara! That is quite the life change, best of wishes with working outside of the home again. So sorry to hear about your Grandfather. What great pictures, looking forward to seeing more.

Carly said...

What a full summer! Good luck to your family as you all transition to new things! The pictures of your vacation are stunning- can't wait to see more!
hugs~ Carly

JulieJ said...

Welcome back to the world of work. Great photos


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