My Little Boy Scrapbook Layout

Here is my little boy, posing for me on Saint Valentine's day (Feb. 14, 2010). I showed the completed layout to him, and what he said was "Diego Pelu". :) He had barely four years old by the time this photo was taken!, and now he is in Pre-Kinder! My little boy!!!, Maybe, he is "little" in age and height but he is so great in personality, and originality!! It has been only two weeks of classes and all of his teacher's know him, and love to talk with him very much!! 

He is a popular boy already, in so little time!! More than one kid, and many of the teaches say Hi! to Diego, wherever he goes, through the hall, and through the cafeteria!  For example, I had to bring the Paris album to the school, to show to his teachers, since he had talk very much about this trip at the class!! His home's teacher tells me, that he is very independent and that he is always smiling!! Now, I am very excited to know about the good and interesting stories I will be able to narrate, from this school year!!!



Chloe :-) said...

What a cutie :-) love the cirlces :-)

Laura said...

It is a beautiful layout. The colours are fabulous!


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