What I love about you

What I love about you:

Peter: meets all the characteristics of a loving man. Did you search what means a loving man on the internet? Yes, there are a lot of studies about this and more than 25 requirements or definitions.

Luis: good heart, intelligent, intellectual, your eyes.

Diego: obedient, street smart, emotional intelligence, his smile.

Supplies: Patterned Paper: Making Memories, Buttuns: Autumn Leaves, Stickers: 7 gypsies, Die cuts: My Mind Eyes.

This layout "What I love about you" was made according to sketch 185 from Scrapbook Challenges. The layout theme was inspired in prompt from Book Challenge #6 from Log your Memory.

Now, I have to go, since I have a beauty appointment in half an hour. My dear husband invited me to the theater tonight, so I must be prepare myself!!! I already arranged for the babysitting. This weekend seems  will turn in a great weekend. See you soon next week!

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