What would you do if I found out I had just 2010 left to live?

This is my list of 50 things I will like to try on 2010. Some are things I am planning to do anyway and others are dreams or wishes. I am including things, that I will like to do 5 to 20 years from now, also. This list is not set in stone and includes several areas from my life. I reserve the right to add activities or to change my mind. Items are listed randomly. Here they are:
  1. Family trip to Walt Disney World.
  2. Read War and Peace from Leo Tolstoy
  3. Visit Austria
  4. Visit Museum of Puerto Rico
  5. Complete Ali Ewards Yesterday & Today Class
  6. Complete Lisa Day The Challenge of Me Album
  7. Get a COPIC certification
  8. Complete New York Marathon
  9. Lose 25 pounds and maintain the weight
  10. Write at least one new post weekly to this blog
  11. Start a small business
  12. Get a Master of Business Administration degree
  13. Learn to sew
  14. Visit Saint Petersburg
  15. Enjoy a weekend trip to New York with my DH and bestfriends
  16. Learn ADOBE photoshop
  17. Learn photography
  18. Do a professional photography session at the beach of my family
  19. Get an abdominoplasty
  20. Take writing courses
  21. Renew my wardrobe
  22. Complete Nic Howard Point of View class
  23. Write a love letter to my husband
  24. Enjoy a weekend by myself
  25. Enjoy a weekend with my husband (no kids)
  26. Do a digital Layout
  27. Organize the garage
  28. Organize each children room
  29. Decorate the master room
  30. Finish decoration of kids room
  31. Frame artwork and hang in the walls
  32. Visit Greece
  33. Visit France countryside
  34. Organize my closet
  35. Read Lord of the Rings
  36. Read all the books listed in Amazon wish list
  37. Go to the Olympics
  38. See my children get married
  39. See my grandchildren
  40. Take a cooking class
  41. Learn how to use Twitter
  42. Complete Couch to 5K
  43. Read all posts from Goggle Reader
  44. Take a history class
  45. Visit the countryside of Spain
  46. See the Nutcracker ballet at New York
  47. See the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  48. Complete LO from Got Sketch downloads
  49. Visit Italy
  50. Take a cooking class in Italy

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