What has been my biggest challenge?

I created the following Layout from Log your Memory Weekly Challenge #2 "What has been your biggest challenge or most frequent struggle?"

When my youngest son reached his first birthday, he only weighted 17.5 pounds. I was concerned about the rate at which my baby was growing, since he did not weigh around 3 times what he weighed when he was born.

I made an appointment with an endocrinologist, where she recommended to leave my job, and to dedicate full time to feed my baby. At that moment, I was working 30 hours outside home. She also requested an appointment with an gastroenterologist and geneticist to help me identify whether there was a problem, and if there was a problem, the possible causes.

I was not so sure about her almost obliguing recommendations of leaving the job, but I followed her instructions. I knew my baby ate, not much, but he surely ate. He was also breastfeed. My culinary skills were not so good. I admit them. We ate too much take out. This was a not so healthy thing. But life was so stressful, and so fast... I cooked so badly, that for example when I cooked a full meal, my husband came with fast food meals, so you could imagine what terrible I cook.

My husband requested my in-laws to stay us for a while. My mother in-law cooked for us, and gave me great ideas for cooking. I learned with her to do Farina. Hot Farina with whole milk and brown sugar is a breakfast staple in my house. Also, I learned to cook from the book of Wilo Benet, "Puerto Rico True Flavors". I learned to do a tasteful white rice, chicken, and stewed beans.

Now, more than two years have passed, and even though my son is skinny. He is inside the curves of the standards kid charts. He eats a large variety of home cooked meals. Now, we eat more at home.

This stage in my life was not so easy, it was stressful, and full of anxiety. My son is very healthy, and after many studies, the conclusion was that my boy has no health problems. The most satisfactory outcome was that, I learned to cook, and my family love the meals, I prepare for them.

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