One year from today. I hope to have:

  • Learned digital scrapbooking
  • Changed procrastination habit when planning social activities
  • Figured out Goggle mail and applications
  • Completed my yearly goals related to fitness
  • Stopped drinking diet coke once in a while
  • Started reading fiction books; now I am reading War and Peace from the Amazon Kindle
  • Acquired Snow Leopard and Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Given up drinking coffee after dinner
  • Visited Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
  • Left behind my self-diagnosed OCD "the urgent need to see everything organized"
I participated in The Scrap-Room Week #1 Challenge with this prompt. And, guess what? I won this weekly challenge, with this LO, which I did pretty fast, just to meet the deadline. This is the first time, I win at a scrapbooking online challenge. I am also very happy that, I am writing meaningful journaling, instead of gluing my favorite photos on pretty paper!!!


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