Botanical Garden at Caguas

The following LO's shows my two sons at the Botanical Garden at Caguas, PR. It was our first visit to the garden. It is a beautiful place. I recommended it.

I did this LO following  a sketch provided by The Scrap-Room Weekly Challenge #3.

What has been my biggest challenge?

I created the following Layout from Log your Memory Weekly Challenge #2 "What has been your biggest challenge or most frequent struggle?"

When my youngest son reached his first birthday, he only weighted 17.5 pounds. I was concerned about the rate at which my baby was growing, since he did not weigh around 3 times what he weighed when he was born.

I made an appointment with an endocrinologist, where she recommended to leave my job, and to dedicate full time to feed my baby. At that moment, I was working 30 hours outside home. She also requested an appointment with an gastroenterologist and geneticist to help me identify whether there was a problem, and if there was a problem, the possible causes.

I was not so sure about her almost obliguing recommendations of leaving the job, but I followed her instructions. I knew my baby ate, not much, but he surely ate. He was also breastfeed. My culinary skills were not so good. I admit them. We ate too much take out. This was a not so healthy thing. But life was so stressful, and so fast... I cooked so badly, that for example when I cooked a full meal, my husband came with fast food meals, so you could imagine what terrible I cook.

My husband requested my in-laws to stay us for a while. My mother in-law cooked for us, and gave me great ideas for cooking. I learned with her to do Farina. Hot Farina with whole milk and brown sugar is a breakfast staple in my house. Also, I learned to cook from the book of Wilo Benet, "Puerto Rico True Flavors". I learned to do a tasteful white rice, chicken, and stewed beans.

Now, more than two years have passed, and even though my son is skinny. He is inside the curves of the standards kid charts. He eats a large variety of home cooked meals. Now, we eat more at home.

This stage in my life was not so easy, it was stressful, and full of anxiety. My son is very healthy, and after many studies, the conclusion was that my boy has no health problems. The most satisfactory outcome was that, I learned to cook, and my family love the meals, I prepare for them.

Do you have a song that evokes a particular memory for you?


This song by Daniele Silvestri was a big hit in Italy in 2002. When I remember, the great time my DH and me enjoyed living in Italy that year, this song comes into my mind. This songs reminds me the italian summer, dining with friends, weekend trips, etc. Saliro song is my top songs playlist when I using the Ipod.
I did a layout for Log your Memory Weekly Challenge #3 "Do you have a song that evokes a particular memory for you?" I created this LO, using a sketch from Page Maps.

Daniele Silvestri
D. Silvestri
tra le rose di questo giardino
salirò salirò
fino a quando sarò
solamente un punto lontano.
Pompa... pompa... pompa... pompa.
stare seduto sopra il ciglio di un vulcano
mi brucerei
ma salutandoti dall'alto con la mano.
E invece sto sdraiato
senza fiato
scotto come il tagliolino al pesto che mangiato
e resto qui disteso
sul selciato ancora un po'
ma prima o poi ripartirò.
di addormentarmi su un ghiacciaio tibetano
ma col sorriso che si allarga piano piano
(come De Niro, ma più indiano)
e invece sto sdraiato
senza fiato sfatto come il letto su cui prima m'hai lasciato
e resto qui distrutto
disperato ancora un po'
ma prima o poi ripartirò.
E salirò salirò
salirò salirò
fra le rose di questo giardino
salirò salirò
fino a quando sarò
solamente un ricordo
E salirò salirò
salirò salirò
fra le rose di questo giardino
salirò salirò
fino a quando sarò
solamente un puntino...
... Lontano
preferirei ricominciare
piano piano dalla base
e tra le rose lentamente risalire
e prenderei tra le mie mani
le tue mani e direi:
"amore in fondo non c'è niente da rifare".
E invece
più giù di così
non si poteva andare
più in basso di così
c'è solo da scavare
per riprendermi
per riprenderti
ci vuole un argano a motore.
E salirò salirò
fra le rose di questo giardino
salirò salirò
fino a quando sarò
solamente un ricordo
non so ancora bene quando
ma provando e riprovando
salirò salirò
fino a quando sarò
solamente un punto
52° Festival di Sanremo 2002

My family's favorite pasttime

I am participating in Log Your Memory Weekly Challenge #4 "What are your family's favorite pastimes?".

On 1989, the most favorite pastime was traveling in our family boat "Polo Norte". Almost all the weekends, we traveled to "Icacos" or Vieques and Culebra islands. I was 16 years old and always had a sun tan.

This one page layout was according to sketch 107 from Sketch Inspiration. The patterned paper and the flowers are from Heidi Grace Designs. The sticker letters are from Polar Bear Express.

The Scrap-Room Week #2 Challenge

Hi! I participated in "The Scrap-Room Blog" Week #2 Challenge. I used December 2008 Luxe Candy Cane page kit with American Crafts chipboard. For the circle, I used my Cricut from ProvoCraft, with the PlantinSchoolBook cartridge.

The photo was taken at the Santa Claus booth at San Patricio Shopping Mall. We like to go there, because we get to see the Nativity with live animals.


One year from today. I hope to have:

  • Learned digital scrapbooking
  • Changed procrastination habit when planning social activities
  • Figured out Goggle mail and applications
  • Completed my yearly goals related to fitness
  • Stopped drinking diet coke once in a while
  • Started reading fiction books; now I am reading War and Peace from the Amazon Kindle
  • Acquired Snow Leopard and Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Given up drinking coffee after dinner
  • Visited Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
  • Left behind my self-diagnosed OCD "the urgent need to see everything organized"
I participated in The Scrap-Room Week #1 Challenge with this prompt. And, guess what? I won this weekly challenge, with this LO, which I did pretty fast, just to meet the deadline. This is the first time, I win at a scrapbooking online challenge. I am also very happy that, I am writing meaningful journaling, instead of gluing my favorite photos on pretty paper!!!


50 Things

Today, I did "50 Things" LO for Weekly Challenge #1 from Log your Memory. The challenge requested "What would you do if you found out you had just one year-THIS year- left to live?

I came up with 50 things, in random order. This things listed were like a brainstorming session. I just wrote, what first came to my mind. For the LO, I just copied what I wrote in the previous post.


What would you do if I found out I had just 2010 left to live?

This is my list of 50 things I will like to try on 2010. Some are things I am planning to do anyway and others are dreams or wishes. I am including things, that I will like to do 5 to 20 years from now, also. This list is not set in stone and includes several areas from my life. I reserve the right to add activities or to change my mind. Items are listed randomly. Here they are:
  1. Family trip to Walt Disney World.
  2. Read War and Peace from Leo Tolstoy
  3. Visit Austria
  4. Visit Museum of Puerto Rico
  5. Complete Ali Ewards Yesterday & Today Class
  6. Complete Lisa Day The Challenge of Me Album
  7. Get a COPIC certification
  8. Complete New York Marathon
  9. Lose 25 pounds and maintain the weight
  10. Write at least one new post weekly to this blog
  11. Start a small business
  12. Get a Master of Business Administration degree
  13. Learn to sew
  14. Visit Saint Petersburg
  15. Enjoy a weekend trip to New York with my DH and bestfriends
  16. Learn ADOBE photoshop
  17. Learn photography
  18. Do a professional photography session at the beach of my family
  19. Get an abdominoplasty
  20. Take writing courses
  21. Renew my wardrobe
  22. Complete Nic Howard Point of View class
  23. Write a love letter to my husband
  24. Enjoy a weekend by myself
  25. Enjoy a weekend with my husband (no kids)
  26. Do a digital Layout
  27. Organize the garage
  28. Organize each children room
  29. Decorate the master room
  30. Finish decoration of kids room
  31. Frame artwork and hang in the walls
  32. Visit Greece
  33. Visit France countryside
  34. Organize my closet
  35. Read Lord of the Rings
  36. Read all the books listed in Amazon wish list
  37. Go to the Olympics
  38. See my children get married
  39. See my grandchildren
  40. Take a cooking class
  41. Learn how to use Twitter
  42. Complete Couch to 5K
  43. Read all posts from Goggle Reader
  44. Take a history class
  45. Visit the countryside of Spain
  46. See the Nutcracker ballet at New York
  47. See the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  48. Complete LO from Got Sketch downloads
  49. Visit Italy
  50. Take a cooking class in Italy


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